Wince, Ernest

Meet the Teacher
Welcome to my Classroom
Ernest Lloyd Wince 



I became a teacher because I believe I can help nurture students and enhance their learning experience.  I believe that all students are  equal and that although some may appear smarter, quicker and more talented, all students are special and that it may take a little more attention to each individual to find their strong points.  I am also aware of the busy schedule of a lot of parents today, trying to juggle job, home, and child raising responsibilities, they could use the help in nurturing the child's giftedness.  My job as an educator places me in an advantageous position to interact with students on a daily basis.  There are also students with special circumstances; one word of encouragement or one act of kindness can save a child from the trappings of modern day society.  Having been a student my whole life, I know first hand the benefits of a positive role model.  In closing, I am a teacher because I feel a calling to help others as I have been helped;  I also feel that I have a heart for children and an interest in their future.