Cable, Cindy

Cindy Cable

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For our Virtual Days: you can reach me via dojo from 9am-1pm.  for any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them! Also please check out and set up an account. If you need a class code, I sent one through dojo. They are offering free membership so tour child can have access to 100s of books! Finally, I will also be using SeeSaw to 'push out' assignments for your child to help him/her practice skills.

About Me:

I have always worked with children. Every job I have ever had in my adult life has involved working with children in some capacity. I worked as a Psychology Technician for several years, and volunteered in my church working with preschool age. Later I worked at a church as a Junior and Senior High Youth Leader. I started at Johnston Elementary School as a Title One assistant. When I started at Avery's Creek, I spent the first few years teaching kindergarten. Then for seven years, I was able to enjoy the opportunity to work as a second grade teacher. Two years ago I moved back to kindergarten. Working with children is something I will always look forward to! I love children!
I believe that every child can learn. It is for this reason that I teach with an emphasis in using every instructional mode. In the first month of school I study my students to find their strengths. My goal is to find out what modes of instruction work best to help them learn. Then I incorporate activities in my classroom that will enable your child to learn through kinesthetic, oral, visual, and tactile cues. The purpose is to reach every child in their own learning style. 
As a class, we enjoy learning through exploration, hands on activities, and the building of relationships. My desire is to make a difference in every child's life--to add some joy to their hearts, teach them that "they can do" and to instill in them the life skills that they will need in order to function daily in this ever-changing world that they are living in!