Blanco, Milena

Hello My Name Is...



My name is Milena Blanco Lago. I was born in Havana 45 years ago in October 11, 1971. I feel very lucky as I always dreamed to be a teacher and that’s what I am. I studied English Language Education at The University of Habana. Later on, I graduated as an Elementary teacher at the Catholic University of The North of Chile. I have done some graduate program. Last December I just completed a Diploma in Education, Creativity and Innovation.

I worked at an International school in Chile for 15 Years, some of my first students graduated a while ago!!

I love teaching, as well as travelling, reading (I mean it!!!) literature, movies and friends.

I love trees, mountains, rivers and outdoors in general. Imagine how happy I am in Asheville, NC and specifically ACES!!!