Safety Policies

If you need more information regarding safety policies, morning arrival, dismissal or transportation changes, please contact our principal, Denise Montgomery, or assistant principal, Lisa Wallin at 828-654-1810.

Main Entrance

 All visitors and students must enter the building through the main entrance only. Our front door buzzer system is meant to restrict access to our school to those who do not have good intentions. This system is part of our ongoing effort to proactively make the safety and security of our students a top priority. 

Each adult or student entering the building after 7:55 a.m. will request to enter the school by pressing the panel to the right of the main entrance. Be prepared to state your name and the reason you are visiting the school (volunteer, have lunch, check out student.). Also, be prepared to show a photo ID.  You will hear a faint click  and at that time you may enter the building. You will have only 7 seconds to enter the building. Please proceed directly to the main office to sign in. Only one visitor can enter the building at a time. Please allow time to get through the process.


  • Parents and visitors to the school must check into the office and obtain a visitor’s badge before going to the classroom. This is a requirement of our Safe Schools Plan. You will scan your driver's license into our Lobby Guard Kiosk. Follow the prompts stating the reason for your visit.

  • Parents must check into the office prior to attending conferences and /or meetings and obtain a visitor's sticker.

  • Visiting friends will not be allowed to attend classes with students unless permission has been granted by the teacher and the principal.

Check-In/Check Out

Every person entering the building must proceed to the main office and sign in on the Lobby Guard Kiosk.  This includes all students who arrive tardy, students who are being dismissed early/ leave for an appointment or any adult visitor/volunteer. Upon checking in you will receive an ID sticker with your picture that must be visible at all times.

Bus and Car Safety

We need your understanding, patience and cooperation to achieve safe transportation for Avery’s Creek students.  We request that you follow the transportation instructions given in this handbook when driving on school grounds.

The Department of Public Instruction has instructed schools to separate car and bus transportation.  This allows students to walk to their cars and buses safely. Accordingly, we ask that all cars use the second drive into the school, while the buses will enter into the first drive.  At no time are drivers allowed to pass in the car-rider line.

No cell-phone use in the car rider line.

The 1993 Safe Schools Act

The North Carolina General Assembly has enacted several laws designed to curtail violence in schools. All schools have been directed to update their student handbook to reflect the new laws. All students and parents are hereby notified of these changes in school policy. Possession on educational property of, whether openly or concealed, any BB gun, air rifle, air pistol, bowie knife, dirk, dagger, slingshot, leaded cane, switchblade knife, black jack, metallic knuckles, razor and razor blades, or sharp pointed instruments will result in misdemeanor charges being filed with the Sheriff’s Office and appropriate school discipline.

It is a Class 1 felony for any person to possess or carry, whether openly or concealed, any gun, rifle, pistol, or other firearm or any explosive on educational property. It is also a Class 1 felony for any person to cause, encourage or aid a minor (less than 18 years old) to possess or carry, whether openly or concealed, these firearms or any explosive on educational  property.

When a principal has reasonable belief that an act has occurred on school property involving assault resulting in a serious injury, sexual assault, sexual offense, rape, kidnapping, indecent liberties with a minor, assault involving the use of a weapon, possession of a firearm in violation of the law, or possession of a controlled substance in violation of the law, the principal must immediately report the act to the appropriate law enforcement agency, Appropriate school discipline will also apply.

Fighting is considered assault under the law and could be reported to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office for investigation if a person is injured. Appropriate school discipline will also apply.

NOTE: Educational property includes any public or private school building, bus, public or private school campus, grounds, recreational area, athletic field, or property owned, used, or operated by any Board of Education or school.