We love to celebrate at Avery’s Creek.  If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, we ask that you communicate with your child’s teacher for details. We must be mindful during all celebrations not to interrupt the educational day.  Meeting your child in the lunch room to enjoy lunch with him/her on their special day is a perfect time to celebrate. We do not allow the delivery of balloons, flowers, etc, as they cause instructional interruptions.  Also, please do not send party invitations for your child or your child’s teacher to deliver unless ALL students in the classroom are invited. Board policy does not allow home baked goods to be sent for classroom snacks or parties.  All food sent must be from a commercial bakery or pre-packaged snacks. We encourage you to send snacks that would be considered healthy as part of our Healthy Active Children Policy.

**If your child's classroom is a nut-free classroom, please make sure to follow the guidelines set forth in the letter sent home at the beginning of the year.