Media Center

Students are given many opportunities to use the media center.  This may be as an individual, in a small group or in a large group as the need dictates.  Books on many subjects are available to students and teachers to use in the learning process. Please help your children take good care of the media center materials they use and return them promptly. Children are responsible for any materials checked out in their names. Fees will be charged for lost or damaged books. Payment for the exact amount is required for lost or damaged books due to the fact that we are unable to make change. Checks can be made payable to Avery's Creek Elementary.

Library Rules
Respect the library materials (so we‛ll have more to use)
Everything has a correct place (so we‛ll be able to find what we need)
Always share (so we‛ll return things when they are due and we‛ll put things on hold when we have to wait)
Don‛t disturb others working in the library (so we‛ll all have a special place to read and work)