General Rules and Expectations

General Rules and RAMS Expectations for Students

See also PBIS Rules and Expectations section


  1. Respect your self and others

  2. Act safely

  3. Model Responsibility

  4. Show Self-Control at all times.



  1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

  2. Fighting, bad language and displaying disrespect are not permitted.

  3. Guns, knives, chains of any type, other weapons, matches/lighters are not permitted.

  4. Hats will not be worn in the building or on the bus unless a designated school event has been scheduled.

  5. Running and pushing are not permitted in the building.

  6. Gum, candy and tobacco products are not permitted.

  7. Hands and feet are to be kept off the walls.

  8. Brightly colored artificial hair color that disrupts learning environments is highly discouraged

  9. Shoes with wheels are not allowed on school campus.  We discourage students from wearing flip-flops and open-toed shoes/sandals because they are not safe on the playground and they are unacceptable for gym.

  10. Any item brought to school should be related to educational content being covered in the classroom.

  11. Students are not allowed to bring toys from home.  This includes cards (such as Pokémon cards), figurines, balls, fidget spinners, keychain toys etc.  Our PE Teacher should provide all recess equipment to children. Also, children should not bring perfume/aftershave, cough drops, etc.  Anything that could be consumed is prohibited. Teachers will notify parents in writing if students should bring items for show and tell or special days.

  12.  Cell phones and gaming devices are NOT allowed in school.  If parents need for their child to have access to a cell phone for after school activities, that phone must be turned off and secured in his/her backpack for the school day and while the child in on the bus.  If a student uses a cell phone during the school day or while s/he is on the bus, it will be taken and kept in the office for a parent to pick up.  Parents are asked to not contact their child via texts or phone calls during the school day or while the child is on the bus.

  1. When going outside, walk from the building as a class.

  2. Stay on the sidewalks, avoiding the grassy areas and mulch.

  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

  4. Leave the gravel and rocks on the playground area.

  5. Avoid puddles and muddy areas.

  6. Use all equipment and take turns.










Respect yourself and others

Move quietly through the halls

Be polite and use good manners

Use the bathroom, wash hands, throw trash in trash can and leave

Use good sportsmanship

Listen and follow directions of the driver. Treat others kindly

Voices are off and ears are listening to speakers

Act Safely

Walk on the right side of the hallway

Walk carefully with your tray

Use the bathroom for its intended purpose

Use equipment safely and in assigned area

Stay seated facing the front. Feet should be out of the aisle

Sit quietly with legs crossed. Keep hands to yourself. Walk in a line when leaving.

Model Responsibility

Keep the school clean and neat

Use cafeteria time to eat

Keep bathroom neat and clean

Keep up with school playground equipment and personal items.

Keep bus clean and safe

Keep eyes forward on the speaker and follow directions given


Gangs and Gang Related Activity

Buncombe County Schools defines a “gang” as any ongoing alliance or association of three or more individuals, formal or informal, having as one of its primary activities the commission of criminal acts or purposeful violation of school policy.  Inherent to the gang’s structure is a common set of identifying traits including names, signs, colors and symbols.

The following conduct or activity is prohibited and subject to consequences ranging from an initial warning accompanied by parental contact to assigned periods of short-term suspension to administrative recommendation for long-term suspension:

  1. Displaying, possessing or distributing any clothing, jewelry, emblem, visible body marking or literature that communicates or symbolizes affiliation with a gang.

  2. Communicating gang affiliation through either verbal or nonverbal methods including but not limited to, hand gestures, drawing and electronic texting.

  3. Tagging school or personal property with gang related symbols

  4. Harassment, intimidation or solicitation directed toward a student or staff member relative to gang activity.


When problems occur, students will be dealt with fairly and firmly and parents will be notified, as necessary. When parents are notified, they will know that several attempts were made to correct the behavior and that their support and assistance is needed. When students are referred to the administration for a policy violation, parents may receive a discipline form. the form will state the offense and require a parent signature.  Once the form has been signed, the child will return the form to the office.

For more information on discipline procedures, please refer to the Buncombe County Board Policies found on the BCS website: including, but not limited to, policies #460 and #462.