Avery’s Creek Cafeteria

Avery’s Creek Elementary School cafeteria offers daily universal FREE breakfast for all students. Students will be served breakfast in their classrooms again this year.

Breakfast will be served to all students at no cost. Breakfast will be delivered to the classrooms and students will be provided the opportunity to eat before their day begins.
The cafeteria offers a self-serve lunch.  Students may choose to bring lunch from home. Milk and other drinks and extra servings may be purchased from the cafeteria. If you wish for your child to NOT purchase extras from his/her lunch account, please send in a note stating so.

Restaurant, Fast Food Items and Soft Drinks may not be brought into the school for meals. These items are in direct competition with our Child Nutrition Department and are not acceptable. This is a county policy and not a school policy.

Lunch Visits

We hope that you will come often during the school year to have lunch with your student. Please note:  Parents are asked not to bring take-out food for themselves or their students when they come to have lunch because restaurant, fast food items and soft drinks are not allowed in our school.  These items are in direct competition with Our Child Nutrition Department and are not acceptable. 

Families are encouraged to prepay for meals by the week or the month.  Please send checks or cash to prepay for meals and the cafeteria staff will credit your payment to your child’s account. Please send prepaid money in on Mondays.  Families may also pre-pay online at This site also allows you to view each purchase your child makes.

Notices for “charged” meals will be sent home.  The maximum amount for charges is $5.00. Please make sure to monitor these charges.  

***Forms requesting financial assistance for meals (free and reduced) are sent home at the beginning of the year and should be returned promptly. Additional forms are available in the school office throughout the year. New forms must be completed each school year. You are encourages to apply for assistance at the beginning of school year so your child can begin receiving the assistance s/he needs as soon as possible.

Meal Prices for 2019-2020


All Students may participate and receive the Universal Free Breakfast.

Elementary Lunch:

Students          $2.55

Reduced Price Students  .40

Adult                $4.15

Milk                       .75

Snacks            priced per item