Bus Transportation

Bus transportation can not be provided for birthday parties, sleepovers, play dates, scouts or other activities unless there is room on the bus.  Please contact the office well in advance to see if there is room for afternoon transportation.  No bus transportation will be provided to businesses or day care centers.

We are concerned for the safety of each students who rides the bus. It is important that home and school work together to make certain that all children know and follow school bus safety rules.

Rules for School Bus Safety

Rules for Bus Safety are emphasized at school and each bus driver insists on the cooperation of each rider.  Please review these rules with your child at home.

  1. Students must remain seated and face the front of the bus at all times.

  2. Students may not delay the bus schedule while loading/unloading at school and/or at home.

  3. Fighting, smoking, eating, loud talking, horseplay, selling items, using profanity or refusing to obey school authorities or a bus driver while waiting for, riding or leaving a school bus will not be tolerated.

  4. Students may not change seats during the bus trip unless directed to do so by the bus driver.

  5. Students must meet the bus at the designated stop and may not get off at any unassigned stop without permission from the office.

  6. Vandalism and tampering with buses will not be permitted. A fee will be charged for damages  to buses.

  7. Students may not be under the influence of or have in their possession alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

  8. Cellular phones or electronic games are not allowed on the bus.

  9. Students may not wear hats on the bus unless is it a designated hat day.
Failure to follow bus rules will be reported to administration and may result in parent notification, a new assigned seat, a consequence assigned by administration or a bus suspension depending on the severity of the problem.
Please Note:

1. Bus suspension begins the day following student/parent notification. 
2. Severe disruptions, (i.e., fighting, weapons) etc can result in an immediate suspension from the bus and may require the involvement of a Buncombe County Sheriff's Resource Officer.