Principal: Denise Montgomery


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I cannot believe we are almost finished with the first quarter of the year! We are off to a great start and have so many wonderful things in place this year that I hope your children are coming home each day abuzz with excitement!

The teachers have been working very hard planning exciting lessons for your students as well as participating in professional development activities designed to enhance instruction.  Ms. Wallin and I have been participating in weekly Professional Learning Community (PLCs) meetings led by our Instructional coach, Mrs. Paula Autrey, with the teachers as they plan these lessons and work to see what is working, what is not, and how we can better address the needs of your children. We have a solid plan in place this year and in case you have not already heard our theme “We are all in this together; everything WE do matters!”  

Congratulations to the following staff members who were elected by their peers to serve on the School Improvement team:  Mrs. McDonald (Chair); Mr. Worley (3rd); Mrs. Swanson (NC Star rep); Ms. Wellbery (2nd grade rep); Mr. Anderson (NCSTAR rep); Ms. Treadway (1st grade rep); Mr. Eckler (EL rep); Mr. Quigley (NCStar); Mrs. Hudson (Title I); Ms. Norris (Title I); Ms. Cody (Kindergarten/TOY); Mr. Wince (Specialist); Mrs Whitaker (Assistant Rep); Mrs. Halperin (Parent) and Mrs. Chambers (Parent). The members serve as the leadership team for the school and work very closely with administration to develop strategies for improving instruction as we work to develop our school improvement plan.   We have been meeting regularly since school began to develop our new plan which sets forth the goals and objectives that drive instruction.  Our current plan is accessible via our website so please check it out. You need to use the username and password posted to access the plan. We update it regularly once we meet our goals.

 Thank you for your continued support as we implement new policies and procedures. I want to remind you that if you come into the school for any reason, you will need your driver’s license. In order for you to check in to our Lobby Guard system, your driver’s license is necessary.  Also remember to keep your child’s pick- up list updated. Remember to send in a note to make transportation changes. Students need to be picked up prior to 2:00 in the afternoon. We always put the safety and best interest of each and every child at the forefront of all decisions made.  Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions or need clarification regarding any issue. 


We look forward to a wonderful school year!


Ms. Montgomery 

Phone: 828-654-1810

Fax: 828-654-9801