Assistant Principal


Assistant Principal
Terra Thompson 

 Welcome to the Creek

     Avery's Creek Elementary is an amazing place to learn and create lasting friendships. We believe that every student and staff member can be successful if they apply themselves and work hard. Our use of the 7 Habits has created an environment that grows lifelong leaders.


     This is my 6th year here at Avery’s Creek as the Assistant Principal. I proudly say that I am a product of Buncombe County Schools. I am a 1978 graduate of Enka High School. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Western Carolina University in 1982 and then a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Gardner-Webb University 2013. I have been married for more than 35 years to Dean Thompson who teaches at Enka Middle School. We have two adult children, Whitney and Will.


     One of my primary roles at Avery's Creek is to oversee our school buses. Listed below is a copy of our school bus policies regarding the code of conduct on our buses. Parents, please take this opportunity to remind your child of the importance of school bus rules and how safety is our #1 goal.



Terra H. Thompson

Phone: 828-654-1810 


The following code sets forth the rules prohibiting certain types of student conduct while riding, waiting for, or leaving a school bus. It is in the interest of the safety of transported pupils, bus drivers, and the general public that they are adopted. A student found in violation of any of these rules may receive punishment as severe as having his bus riding privilege suspended, ranging from one day to the remainder of the school year, depending on the severity of the offense. A student will also be subject to disciplinary action for those violations within this code that are also covered by Policy 460 (Serious Misconduct). Less serious conduct will be dealt with by the school principal under the disciplinary authority given him by the North Carolina Statutes and by the Buncombe County Board of Education policies and regulations.


Passengers may be suspended from school or from riding on a bus, at the discretion of the principal, for:

1. Delaying the bus schedule.

2. Fighting, smoking, using profanity, or refusing to obey instructions of school authorities or of school bus driver while waiting for, riding, or leaving a school bus.

3. Being under the influence of or having in their possession alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

4. Tampering with or doing damage to a school bus.

5. Refusing to meet the bus on time at designated stops.

6. Unauthorized leaving the bus when in route from home to school or vice versa.

7. Playing, throwing objects, getting out of seat, or otherwise distracting the driver’s attention while the bus is in operation.

8. Failing to observe established safety rules and regulations required by law or adopted by the Buncombe County Board of Education.

9. Eating or selling items on the bus.