Our Mission

School Mission Statement

We at ACES, are a community of responsible and motivated leaders who own their learning and success.  To accomplish this we will model the seven habits, communicate expectations, provide opportunities and build relationships.

Code of Conduct

I will be responsible.

I will show respect for myself, others, and my school.

I will choose to learn and let others learn. I will allow the teacher to teach.

I will behave in a safe manner.

I will do my personal best.

Please click the following link to view Buncombe County School Board Policies:

Board of Education Policies

100% Tobacco Free Schools Policy

Effective December 1, 2004 all Buncombe County School property will be 100% tobacco free for all persons at all times. Use of tobacco products on any school property, including smoke and smokeless tobacco, will be prohibited on any school property, including sporting events and school owned vehicles. Visitors using tobacco products will be asked to refrain while on school property or asked to leave the premises if they wish to continue tobacco use. Resources are available for those interested in quitting or refraining from tobacco use at school events. For more information, please call 232-4415 or 255-5962.


Buncombe County Schools Vision Statement

Preparing all students to realize their potential in a rapidly changing, diverse, global society.