Grievance Policy

If you have a concern regarding matters pertaining to your child, we ask that you follow the steps listed below. This will ensure that all parties involved have an opportunity to help resolve the situation.

First, talk to your child’s classroom teacher about any problems you or your child are having in the classroom. If the problem is not resolved, ask for a conference with the teacher, or teachers involved, and our principal or assistant principal. Together we will create a plan to address the problem. If the problem persists, contact the Buncombe County Schools Superintendent’s office: 232-4160.


The Buncombe County Board of Education strives to resolve concerns and complaints whenever possible. To this end, the board has provided opportunities for faculty and staff to express their concerns through processes established in board policies. Any faculty or staff who is unclear of the options for proceeding with a concern may contact the principal’s office or the superintendent’s office for further information and copies of all applicable board policies.