School Improvement/NC Star Comprehensive Plan

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"Indistar is a platform that guides high-quality work by school or district Leadership Teams with built-in flexibility to set their own direction, personalized to their needs."

School Improvement/ NC Star Comprehensive Plan

Hello, Parent or Guardian- We want to hear from you! Please review your school's plan to improve both the school's performance grade and the school's growth score and provide any thoughts or feedback in the form below.

School Improvement Team Members

Denise Montgomery - Principal
Lisa Wallin - Assistant Principal
Paula Autrey - curriculum Coach
Linda McDonald - 4th Grade , SIT Chair
Amy Huntsinger - 1st Grade
Katie Cody - Kindergarten 
Leslie Swanson - NC Star Representative
Maureen Wellbery - 2nd Grade and TOY
Brian Worley - 3rd Grade
Ernest Wince - CONNECT  
Vicki Watson - Teacher Asst. of the Year
  Jessie Quigley - EC and NC Star Representative
Dustin Anderson - NC Star Representative
Jeffrey Eckler - ELL
Rebekah Hudson - Title I
Becca Norris - Title I
Cheryl Chambers  - Parent Representative
  Charlotte Halperin - Parent Representative

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