LEAF Musicians Perform Concert Oct. 17, 6:00

LEAF Musicians Perform Concert Oct. 17 at 6:00
Posted on 10/09/2018
Hailing from Prince Edward Island, Canada, this duo rejuvenates Celtic music unlike any other! Fronted by international phenom fiddler (formerly of the most celebrated Celtic band in the world, The Mavericks) Richard Wood and accompanied by internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Gordon Belsher – this band has been captivating audiences and showcasing their expertise in the genre since 1995. Performing as a Celtic step dancer at the age of 7, fiddling at the age of 11 Richard was born to create and share Celtic music and the folklore it represents.  ACES third and fourth graders will explore the origins of Celtic music in Scotland and Ireland from the bagpipes to its evolution into multi-piece ensembles and learn about its influence on contemporary music today. Richard & Gordon have traveled the world for over two decades as accomplished educators carrying their knowledge, charm, and magnetic capacity to inspire and enliven the spirits of the youth they serve for a lifelong memorable experience.  
These musicians have graciously offered to perform an evening family concert on October 17 at 6:00 in the ACES gymnasium.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Richard and Gordon as well as enjoy some quality music with your child and the ACES community.  

Here is a link to a YouTube video.  Check it out!  They are great!

Richard Wood and Gordon Belsher