Meet the Teacher

Welcome to our classroom! Mrs. Aponte and Ms.Bates

I would like to introduce myself so you get to know me better! 
My name is Elimerd Aponte, I have a degree in Modern Languages with minors in Teaching English and Spanish as Second Languages, also I studied Business and Administration, but my passion has been teaching! I started teaching 11 years ago back in my country, Venezuela, all those years I worked with four and six graders. Last year, was my first time in Kindergarten and I loved it! After one year in K, I looped up to 1st grade, and it has been an awesome year.
As you may know, we are working with our students to have Spanish as a Second Language, which is a great opportunity for them to develop language skills that will help them a lot in their future. 
We have currently a 90/10 percent program, which means 90% of the instructional time in Spanish and 10% in English.
It is almost impossible to believe these children can manage to have both languages at the same time and have such great scores in both of them. 
I invite you to do research on bilingualism and see all the advantages this program have. 
I work with an amazing person, my right hand at all time, her name is Ms. Bates and she comes from United States and she has an amazing Spanish fluency. She is very committed to the program and works hard every single day so the children have the best results. I could not be happier to have such a wonderful teacher working with me in the classroom.
If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate in contacting me:
Avery's Creek phone number: 8286541810