Ambassadors of Peace Program

ACES Ambassadors for Peace (AP) are students who are chosen by their teacher and are leaders for problem solving in our school . It is an honor to serve as an Ambassador for Peace at Avery’s Creek! Each AP had training sessions With Mr. H. and Mrs. Hensley (SchoolCounselors) to be prepared for their role. Each AP will have a white hat which will be easily identifiable to staff and students. The purpose of the Ambassadors for Peace are to help with:
 Listening skills
 Naming feelings and "I"  messages;
 Diversity and conflict;
 Mediation techniques;
 Dealing with difficult situations
 Being your own mediator
 Reinforcing win-win solutions!
They will be receiving their white hat that says AP on it and be responsible for keeping their hat at school. They will have prompt cards to keep with their hats. They will be leaders within their classroom for problem solving!