About Us

2019-2020 ACES ChessMasters 

Avery's Creek Elementary will again offer ACES Chess under the instruction of Neal Harris, a Life Master and exceptional teacher. Classes meet Tuesdays after school.  Both beginner and advanced beginner classes are available. Spaces are limited and a small amount of volunteering assistance on Fridays is required. Sibling discounts and some financial assistance are available. Please contact Emily Cowan at emily.cowan@bcsemail.org with any questions. 

Why Play Chess

  • Dramatically improve a child's ability to think rationally
  •  Increase cognitive skills. 
  •  Improve children's communication skills and aptitude in recognizing patterns resulting in higher grades in English and Math studies. 
  • Build a sense of team spirit, while emphasizing the ability of the individual.
  • Teach the value of hard work, concentration and commitment.
  •  Instill in young players a sense of self-confidence.
  • Make a child realize that he or she is responsible for his or her own actions and must accept their consequences.
  • Teach children to try their best to win, while accepting defeat with grace.