Dress Code

Avery’s Creek Dress Code

The following dress code has been adopted for students at Avery’s Creek Elementary School to ensure that students maintain a learning environment that is safe and orderly.  We encourage students to dress in comfortable clothes that do not appear out of place or attract unnecessary attention. The following are not appropriate for an educational setting:

  • Baggy pants that fall below the waist and drag the floor.  

  • Shirts that are overly large or inappropriate such as those with violent, gang or drug/alcohol related graphics or messages.

  • Hats or any type of headgear. Unless designated as a classroom or school-wide Hat Day.

  • Shirts and tops that don’t cover the midriff including see-through tops.

  • Halter tops or tank tops with spaghetti straps

  • Shorts and skirts that are not finger-tip length

  • High-Heeled shoes, flip flops or other shoes that would make play dangerous.

  • Chains of any type

  • Pajamas/sleepwear. Unless designated as a classroom or school-wide pajama day.

Parents will be called if a child arrives at school in inappropriate clothing or hairstyle to make necessary arrangements.

Make sure all jackets, sweaters, raincoats, lunch boxes and other things that could be lost easily are labeled with your child’s name. Our Lost and Found area is located in the gym. Please have your child check this area often for misplaced items. We will take all lost and found items to a local charity quarterly to prevent them from "piling"up.