PBIS Discipline Plan

Summary of Avery's Creek Elementary PBIS Procedures


The PBIS pledge – we will have a school-wide pledge in conjunction with PBIS. This pledge will be taught during guidance and classroom time (when possible) and will be said on the morning announcements (if possible; announced by students).

Our Pledge:  
At Avery's Creek we are a family of lifelong learners. We pledge to be respectful, act safely, model responsibility, and show self- control at all times even when no one is watching.


The school matrix will be emphasized this year.  The matrix is our school’s table of rules and expectations for behavior in each of our “common areas”.  In addition to the matrix for communal areas, teachers are asked to create their own matrix for their classroom and to have frequent reminders and discussions about it so that it becomes part of the students’ vocabulary. 


Bead systemAll staff members will be issued beads.  As last year, students are rewarded for good behavior (for following the matrix) in communal areas.  Staff will give deserving students a bead and use the language of PBIS when giving the bead.  Students will wear their beads on the school dog tag necklace


Every Friday morning, Mrs. Montgomery and Mr. Williams read the names of the PBIS Weekly Picks, the Student of the Week, and the Bus Award Winners.  These winners will join Mr. Williams, Mrs. Herbert and Mrs. Harrison in the hallway by the staffroom to collect their prizes after announcements.


At the end of every nine week period, larger prizes will be given. An assembly will be held where Mr. Williams, Mrs. Herbert and Ms. Harrison draw names and award larger prizes.  Photos will be taken at this time and displayed in the school/on the website.


Special Mentions: In addition to weekly and 9-weekly drawings, we would like to ensure that any students who may have ‘slipped through the cracks’ are recognized and rewarded also.  At the end of every nine weeks, teachers will be asked to name one or two students who deserve the recognition but failed to win or did not receive many tickets. These students will receive a prize at the 9-week ceremony and will also have their pictures taken as ‘special mentions’.


Ambassadors for PeaceThese students (3rd & 4th graders), are given special training by our counselors throughout the year as peace ambassadors to Avery's Creek, helping students on the playground resolve conflict and giving tours to newcomers in the building!  A representative from the Mediation Center gives a yearly training to update our students skills!

The PBIS Pledge:

Avery’s Creek PBIS Pledge


“At Avery’s Creek, we are a family of lifelong learners.  We pledge to be respectful, act safely, model responsibility, and show self-control at all times.  This is who we are even when no one is watching.”
The PBIS Matrix:

Avery’s Creek Elementary School

School Expectations and Rules Matrix Form














Respect Yourself and Others

Move quietly through the hallways.

Be polite and use good manners.

Use properly, wash hands, throw trash in trash can, then leave.

Use good sportsmanship.

Listen and follow the directions of the driver.

Treat others in a kind manner.

Act Safely

Walk on the right side of the hallway.

Walk carefully with your tray.

Use bathroom for intended purpose.

Use equipment safely and stay in assigned area.

Stay seated, facing the front. Feet are out of the aisle.

Model Responsibility

Keep the school clean and neat.

Use cafeteria time to eat.

Keep bathroom neat and clean.

Keep up with school and personal items.

Keep the bus clean and safe.



Keep hands and feet to yourself. Eyes only on displays.

Speak with an inside voice. Eat your food only. No sharing from your tray or lunchbox.

Walk in and out quietly. Keep to yourself.

Play safely and treat others kindly. If needed, use our Ambassadors for Peace to resolve conflict.

Use positive language. No put-downs, teasing, cursing/slang words.


New to the Matrix: 
Respect Yourself and Others:  Voices are off and ears are listening to speakers.
Act Safely:  Sit quietly with legs crossed keeping hands to yourself.  Walk in a line when leaving.
Model Responsibility:  Keep eyes forward on the speaker.  Follow directions given.
Show Self-Control:  Control my body and my voice.  Be polite at all times.