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Welcome to Avery's Creek

I can’t believe spring is just around the corner and we have completed over one hundred and fifteen days of school! Where has time gone?  I wanted to highlight some of the awesome things going on here at Avery’s Creek!

First, we have several new faces at ACES whom I would like to welcome! Welcome to Kim Onofri, our new Child Nutrition Manager; Libby Wright, our new half -time resource teacher for K-1 students; and Sheila Willis, our new evening custodian.  We have had several new “babies” added to the ACES family so we have three interim teachers filling in for our new mothers:  Mrs. Maureen Wellberry is filling in for Mrs. Beverly Buckley, Ms. Sarah Riddle for Mrs. Claudia Gonzalez, and Mrs. Meg Summers for Mrs. Valerie Brown.  All moms and babies are doing well! We have also been fortunate to host four student teachers this year as well!  Ms. Amy Shaw (working with Ms. Lee-Kindergarten); Mr. Charles Bridger (working with Ms. Warren-4th grade); Ms. Mariana Loftis-(working with Ms. Borden-2nd grade); and Ms. Amelia Rubin in 4th grade).  If you see any of our new staff in the halls, please say hello and make them feel welcome.

Our Dual Language classes have been busy and are all doing extremely well learning the Spanish language.  I am excited to go into their classrooms to hear them reading and speaking in Spanish and to watch them write in Spanish as well.  Each time I visit them, they amaze me and I learn something new each time I am there.  This week, our Leader in Me habit focus was Habit 6-Synergize.  One of the activities several of the classrooms did this week was to read a Dr. Seuss story and then pick one of the 7 Habits.  They were to synergize (or work together) and come up with a written description of how the characters in the story they read demonstrated the habit they drew out of the jar.  They were then to draw a picture.  I will share a few samples below.  The students did a wonderful job. 

Our STEM lab is off and running and we have served as the model for other labs in the district. Our lab manager, Angela Bartlett, is doing an amazing job! The students enjoy using The Engineering Design Process- “Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve” to participate in lab challenges.  All of the challenges are standards based and grade level appropriate.  Stem lab lessons have a real-world component, an authentic context, as well as real-world constraints. They involve the use of materials that are familiar to students and require a process or product with multiple solutions.  The wonderful thing about STEM is that is promotes collaboration, communication and fosters community.  It also teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills in a fun environment our students don’t want to miss!

It is hard to believe that we have almost completed our second year being a Leader In Me school! Your children are growing as leaders every day! They are gaining a more in depth knowledge of the 7 Habits and are doing a wonderful job of modeling them here at school each day! I hope they are modeling them at home as well. Ask them each week what habit we are focusing on for the week. It makes great dinner conversation.  Our Leadership Day is coming up on March 24! We will be hosting other school staff members from around Western North Carolina to come see all about the Leader in Me! We are so excited to share with them all the awesome things your children are doing!

Have your children come home and shared about the technology they now have access to in their P.E. class? Yes, in physical education class we now have a smartboard thanks to our wonderful community sponsors, Walnut Cove Community! We are so appreciative to them for the grant they wrote for us to get this nice SMARTBoard along with Jim and Julia Peterson.  The students love it and now Coach Brackett can incorporate technology into his lessons daily.

We would love to have complete the volunteer application to sign up as a volunteer. If you haven’t yet but would like to the link is

Please complete it and check level 2 so the background check will be completed and you will be clear to volunteer in any capacity. This also must be done if you plan to volunteer on Field Day as well so do it now to avoid the rush. Thanks!

We will be sending home a Title I survey very soon so please make sure to fill it out.  We are trying to gain some important feedback from you on the parent involvement activities we offer and we value your input.

If you or someone you know has a child who will turn 5 on or before August 31st, please have them call to set up an appointment for Kindergarten Registration that will be held on April 26 from 8:00-4:00.  You will need to bring your child with you that day.  We will also have Kindergarten orientation night on Thursday April 20 from 6:00-7:00 so you can come learn more about what to expect in Kindergarten and get more information about our programs (Dual Language, etc.)  If you have any questions, please contact the school at 828-654-1810.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing all of you soon!

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